Women Build 2020

Iowa Heartland is hosting it’s 13th annual Women Build during the entire month of May. Individuals, businesses, churches, service groups, and other community members come together to  make an impact and build one another up!

Women Build empowers women to help families with affordable homeownership in the Cedar Valley.

We at Iowa Heartland have the ability to provide opportunities for hands-on learning, and given these tools, women can succeed in changing their communities.

Are you ready to build with us?

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Space is limited.

Silver $500

1 volunteer team
Logo on t-shirt

Gold $1,000

2 volunteer teams
Logo on t-shirt
Social media mentions
2 tables of 8 at the Women Build Breakfast

Platinum $2,500

2 volunteer teams
Logo on t-shirt
Logo displayed on onsite signage
Social media recognition
2 tables of 8 at the Women Build Breakfast

Diamond $5,000

4 volunteer teams
Logo on t-shirt (top level)
Logo displayed on special separate on-site signage
Special recognition at the Women Build Breakfast
Social media recognition
4 tables of 8 at the Women Build Breakfast

For more information on sponsorship levels, scheduling your build day(s), and other Women Build information, please contact Andrew Finnegan or Mandy Mahncke at our office.
Phone: 319-235-9946
Andrew: afinnegan@webuildhabitat.org
Mandy: ahmahncke@webuildhabitat.org


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2020 Women Build Sponsors

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