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Everyone deserves a decent place to live.

Home should be a place of calm and comfort for families, and it can be.
Your support creates that potential. That’s why we build.

Bre's Story

When she became the single mother of an autistic little boy, nothing became more important to Bre than finding a way to make sure her son, Shunye, had a healthy and stable home to call his own.

For years, renting was her only option - dealing with problems like overpricing, bad landlords, and mold.

Bre knew the Habitat homeownership program would not be the easy way to get a home loan. Contributing 300 hours of sweat equity as her down payment for her loan has been a challenge, but one she knew would be worth it in the end.

Recently Bre told us, “Owning a home will be a dream come true. I can invest in something I believe in AND set an example for my son to work hard for things in life. Now I’m confident my son Shunye will have a healthy home to live in. He’ll be safe from toxins and will have a neighborhood for him to grow up in.”

During her work on the build sites, Bre has had the opportunity to work alongside many of Habitat’s dedicated volunteers. One volunteer, Irv, brought tears to her eyes when he explained why he gives his time to Habitat.

“Irv told me he volunteers because he truly wants us to succeed,” Bre said. “This is truly a humbling experience - to see so much love put into my house.” 

“I’m happy. I’m excited. I’m grateful.”
- Bre

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It takes $150,000 for Habitat to build 1 home.

It takes just $5,000 to complete 1 home repair.

Bre and her son are an example of the 20 Habitat families waiting for homes to be built or repaired this year.

To do our important work takes time, volunteer efforts and financial resources. This year it will take $1.3 million to help families like Bre and Shunye.

Each year at this time we invite people like you to invest in people like Bre.

I know that you agree that everyone deserves a decent, safe, clean place to live. And the opportunity to thrive.

I invite you to invest in a home for a family like Bre’s through a gift to Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity.

We thank you in advance for your support!

Warm Regards,

Ali Parrish

Executive Director
Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity
Ali Parrish
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