Other assistance & programs

Get information about resources for basic human needs, physical and mental health, employment support, assistance for older adults and persons with disabilities, support for children and families and emergency/crisis assistance.

Eastside Ministerial Alliance (EMA)

Programs: Crisis Prevention, Intervention and Referral Program

This program may be able to provide financial assistance to persons and families that are facing an eviction. Other resources, such as food or grants for heating bills, may be arranged.

Jesse Cosby Neighborhood Center

Programs: Crisis Assistance

This program provides financial assistance for persons in need of utility, rent or transportation assistance.

Operation Threshold

Programs: Tenant Based Rental Assistance

This program provides eligible participants with the full rental deposit and 70% of the first month’s rent for housing units within the City of Waterloo.

Operation Threshold Rental Units

Canterbury Apartments (located off Kimball and San Marnan).


This program supplements the high cost of winter heating for modest income households, provides emergency furnace repairs or replacement for income qualifying homeowners and offers assistance with telephone costs to those that qualify.

Waterloo Housing Authority

Programs: Family Self-Sufficiency

This program provides HUD housing assistance combined with access to community resources and an opportunity to establish an escrow savings account to participants interested in becoming self-sufficient.

Section 8

This program provides assistance with rental payments.