About The Church Row Neighborhood

The Church Row Neighborhood is located between W 6th street and US 63, and extends from Hwy 218 to Kimball Ave (6 Corners). The neighborhood is home to approximately
1483 housing units including owner occupied homes, rental homes, and apartments.

Although the Church Row Neighborhood has seen more than its fair share of housing concerns, it doesn’t take long driving in the neighborhood to see the wealth of old home charm that remains in the neighborhood. Block after block is lined with a variety of
housing styles; everything from 2-story Victorian style homes to row houses, to brick
tudor homes.

As the name implies, there are a number of churches and denominations present in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is also home to numerous local businesses and organizations.

Of all the great assets to be found in The Church Row Neighborhood, we believe the greatest asset is the residents who call this neighborhood home. As we continue to spend time in this neighborhood we frequently witness or hear about great ways in which neighbors are working collectively to support their community in many different ways.

Hear from Mindy Schmidt

"Companies are remiss if they are not being responsible in this space(the space of corporate responsibility)." - Mindy Schmidt

Today, Ali and J’Kalein welcome the Community Relations Manager of John Deere Waterloo, Mindy Schmidt, to discuss corporate social responsibility and our ever-growing partnership with John Deere. Thanks for tuning in to episode four of Season Two: Building Community!


Holistic Neighborhood Revitalization

Holistic neighborhood revitalization focuses on Asset Based Development Outcomes in order to create the ultimate outcome of an improved quality of life for residents and the community as a whole.

Asset-based community development considers local strengths as the primary building blocks of sustainable, long-term community development. It's an innovative solution that reverses neighborhood, economic, and housing disparities that have followed decades of disinvestment and adversely impacted quality of life. Yet, neighborhoods can become stronger and more resilient through a neighborhood-driven plan when all pertinent parties are vested in and accountable to its success.

Iowa Heartland is focused on physical improvements (housing), building asset stability for underserved residents, and helping address some of the historic racial and socioeconomic inequality experienced by Waterloo residents in the Church Row Neighborhood:





Jessica previously lived in Church Row for 13 years and is excited to return to the Neighborhood!
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Jamie is working towards building a better life for her kids through the Habitat program.
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