Creating the best life possible for her children is Jamie’s number one priority. 

As a mother of four, Jamie struggled for years to find a balance between being a full-time worker and a full-time mom. She had to miss recitals, sporting events, and major milestones in her children’s lives in order to provide for her family. Amidst all of this, she even took on the challenge of going to college so that she could get her dental assistant certification.

“There were days I almost gave up completely. I could hardly ever spend time with my kids, and they noticed it. I lacked a support system, and without anyone to help out, it took everything I had in me to push myself through it,” Jamie stated.

Looming above all of these issues was the lack of stable, comfortable housing. 

Due to certain circumstances and financial stresses that Jamie faced, she and her four kids, ages 2-12, are currently squeezed into a two-bedroom apartment where all five of them have to share just two beds. 

Even though her journey through the program is just beginning, Jamie says she has already begun to feel the benefits. “Working with Habitat has been really fun so far. I’ve learned a lot through helping build others’ homes, and knowing that I am helping people who couldn’t do this before, and who are going to help me, is a great feeling.”

Jamie believes that this opportunity to own her own home is going to completely change her children’s lives as well. She said, “The kids having their own rooms is going to be a huge deal for us. They have had to share a room for their whole life, so something as small as having their own room is everything.”

In addition, Jamie said that she looks forward to her children being able to celebrate birthdays in their brand new home and decorating for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The kids like to drive by the site where their new home is being built to check on the progress each day.

“This is all about my kids. Being able to giveback to them now in a way that I wasn’t able to before is the best feeling.” Jamie said.