When talking with Bre, you can already sense the relief she has about becoming a homebuyer.  The foundation for her home will be dug soon, and she can already see the foundation for her future looking better than ever.

Working on her sweat equity hours has given her the confidence in learning new skills and an appreciation for the work it takes to be a homebuyer.  Working on the construction site means a lot to her.  She said, “I know that I am contributing to the house, not just signing papers.

I had never handled a saw before.  This is a humbling experience.  It’s so awesome to truly be working on my own house!”

Bre and her son have lived in places that are moldy and she worries about it affecting his health.  He was born with health issues and living in that environment didn’t help his situation.  Her new home will be better for his health and for her peace of mind.

Bre said, “I can’t wait to be in a home that will help me be more stable and truly benefit my family in every way.”