DaNesha applied to Habitat 3 years ago, but a few hiccups in her credit denied her application. But she didn't let this stop her. She worked on paying down her debt because she was motivated to be approved to buy a home through Habitat. She re-applied in the spring of 2017 as was approved. "It feels good to have worked on my credit. It's important. If someone feels overwhelmed about their credit or debt, just look into getting help. It's worth it."

Work has begun on her future home for her and her 3 daughters on West 6th Street in Waterloo. She is looking forward to getting an attached garage and a basement with more space. She currently rents a home, but adds "We pay a lot in rent and the utilities are high in the winter. But also it's not ours, we can do anything to it or call it our own."

DaNesha has been working on her her home on Saturday's when she's off work. "It's coming along. It's so exciting. I am so humbled and thankful and grateful."