Future Homebuyer: Amanda

Life before habitat was just blah! I didn’t feel like I had anything to look forward to, and I always wanted to buy a house but I just didn’t know where to start as a single mom doing it all. The biggest challenge for me was getting my credit score up. I always knew how important it was to have it but nothing to honestly start working for. Once I got approved I sat down and slowly started to chip away at the few bad things I had out there. Also I didn’t think I could afford it so I sat down and started to budget, learning what I need vs what I want (I’m a retail head so this was hard lol). My outlook out on the future is great! We have a forever home in the making and we make it our business to always ride past to check the progress on our home and to thank the volunteers we are forever grateful for!

My children's lives and mine have changed for the greater, we have our home we can paint rooms in and decorate any way we want and can FINALLY get a PUPPY!!! This experience has changed me forever I now have more understanding of how important it is to volunteer and help the community. The kids and I have also said we want to help volunteer on homes in our neighborhood in the future.  I have met some great ladies who will soon be my neighbors and our kids will play (we already talked about backyard get togethers).Also those ladies behind the scenes at Habitat office are pretty amazing they are definitely there to answer questions and help you out.

What I would tell someone who is in a situation like me is to never give up and trust the process. And just keep faith and it will all workout. Hard work will pay off. To anyone considering making a donation but not sure how the lasting effects helps someone. I just say pop on out to the work site and just see the hard work everyone is putting in or drive by a finished neighborhood too. This is something always wanted but just didn’t have the tools or guidance to get me here. I want everyone to know that Habitat is a great program with great people. Building homes while building relationships.