Katie, 31, was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa and is currently renting a house. She has two sons. Though her kids might be unaware of this life-changing opportunity, Katie is very excited to be on her path to own her own home.

Katie found out about Habitat for Humanity from a co-worker. This co-worker has actually gone through the homebuyer process herself. After hearing about her experience, Katie decided to try it as well.  Katie says, “It is rewarding to work towards your own house. Construction is hard work and I learned how to use a hammer.” She has really enjoyed her time at the construction sites and Restore.

Katie experiences what many people experience in finding housing - it can be expensive to live somewhere decent. Paying more than she should for rent can cause a strain on her finances. Katie adds "it's always been a struggle paying rent because it's so expensive to live in a nice neighborhood and have my kids attend nice schools."

New homeowners of Habitat for Humanity have to go through a lot to own their own home. After many months of hard work and learning, Katie will be there. She started her journey a year ago. Katie works for Harmony House, a health care facility located in Waterloo. She understands the importance of caring for others and making lives better with compassion and purposeful work.

When asked how it will change her life, she answered, “For the better- I’m paying off towards something that will be my own.”