Katrina’s Story

 “We have lived in a lot of different places. My last apartment had mold and was very hard on the health of my boys. They had to share a room but toward the end they surrounded me in my room every night because I was getting out of an abusive relationship and I believe they were scared for me. After the death of my grandfather, I decided to move in with my mom to keep her company and provide a safe environment for my boys. This move has been the greatest. My boys and I are able to have our own rooms, they are doing really well in school, and they haven't had trouble with any health problems!

Homeownership means a lot to me. It is a big game changer and I have the power to decide what I want in my home. I never have to be afraid of anyone taking that power away and taking my home away from me and my children. I am able to provide a healthy environment for them and they are able to grow successfully.”

Katrina is currently living and working in Waterloo. She works for the Waterloo School District as an EPI. In case you’re unfamiliar with what an EPI does, they work with children who have disabilities. An EPI makes a positive difference for people living with disabilities, enhance community child care, and strengthen families. Someone who designates their life to helping others in this way is very worthy of a Habitat house. Katrina has 2 sons; Kahlil, 15 and Keenan, 11. Katrina’s most happy about her kids having their own space. “My kids are excited because they are ready to start a garden and pick out colors and furniture for their own rooms.”

Katrina has put in a total of 231 sweat equity hours out of the 300 hours she needs! She likes volunteering at the Restore, but her favorite thing is being on the construction sites. “I like seeing how everything goes together and the painting. And siding is one of my favorites, it’s like a puzzle”, Katrina says. Volunteering is a valuable part of the experience and Katrina says it best, “It’s putting effort to my dream.”

For Katrina, owning her own home means stability, “I’m not going to have to worry if we’re going to be here or there or going to be moving again. I am so excited. The house is a lot bigger than I thought and I am so ready for this new beginning, I just can’t wait!” Habitat works hard in creating a place where families can make memories, be comfortable, and strengthened.