Meet Karen

Karen is a single mom to three boys aged 1.5-10 years old. She has been a nurse for the last 11 years and works extended hours on Friday-Sunday in order to stay home with her kids during the week. Working every weekend means that she misses out on all of the fun things that her kids are involved with. She especially misses the ability to celebrate holidays and traditions with her kids when they fall on the weekend so she has had to modify those celebrations. “There are no holidays for nurses” she said. As a single mom, she recognizes that she has to continue to work because “bills and responsibilities don’t stop when you’re not working.” Karen and her three sons currently live in an apartment where they share two bedrooms. She applied for our Homebuyer Program after years of moving from apartment to apartment with rent continuing to increase each year. She is excited to invest in a safe and stable home where her kids can have their own rooms. Karen recently picked the lot, in the Walnut Neighborhood, where her home will be built and she said “I’m finally able to take a deep breath and worry less. I’m no longer worried about where I am going to move next and am able to enjoy life a little bit more.” Since choosing the lot, her outlook for the future has improved tremendously. She said “I can really see my dreams and goals within reach!” Having an affordable monthly mortgage payment will allow Karen to pay off her student loans and car payment all while enjoying life with her kids. Karen is most excited to show her kids the kindness of complete strangers helping to build their home. With tears in her eyes, she stated, “I don’t know how to put into words how thankful I am to the donors and volunteers that are making this possible. I am just so grateful!”