Meet Maria

“I can't wait to say ‘I'm officially home. We have our own space.’” These are words from Maria, a future Iowa Heartland Habitat Homebuyer. She moved to the United States from Mexico at the age of 13 and like many other members of our community, she graduated from West High School in Waterloo and stayed in the area. Maria decided to become a part of Iowa Heartland’s Home Ownership Program to build a better life for her two daughters. She stated, “I want to give them the BEST I can give them”. She is currently living in a two-bedroom home with her “big family” and sharing a single bedroom with her two daughters. Maria is excited for the day when she has her own home and her daughters each have their own rooms to show their friends. This home will be located in the Walnut Neighborhood where her kids will also be able to attend high school in Waterloo! “Driving over to see the location of my future home was indescribable”, she said. Due to COVID-19, construction of her home has been delayed, however Maria and her daughters are still just as excited! When we asked Maria what she’d tell other families if they were thinking about applying for the Homeownership Program, she said, "This is an opportunity to help yourself. Go for it! It's 100% worth it”. ⁠