Baking to Provide a Home

Sydney baked to provide a home. After her dad came back from the Habitat fundraising breakfast, 3rd grader Sydney, and her little sisters, listened closely to what he shared about families in their community in need of safe places to call home. Sydney and her family had a nice home to live in. So, she and her sisters wanted to help the children and families who did not. With their mom's help, Sydney and her sisters held a bake sale later in the week and proudly raised $55 for Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity. Later, they went on a tour of houses in process, and the girls left messages and drew pictures of love on the studs for the family to read.

Our mission matters. It matters to the families in need of safe, decent shelter in our community; and it matters to people like Sydney, who recognize that barriers like age don't prevent them from doing something impactful to make a difference for a family in need. All of us have something to offer if we have a willing heart, like Sydney's.