Meet Tiera

Tiera is a mom to an 8 year old daughter and 2 year old son. She chose to become a Habitat homebuyer because she doesn’t want to keep renting and living in temporary places, but instead invest in a home that she and her children will be able to cherish forever. As Tiera has moved throughout life, she has always been cautious to live within her means, but that often comes with sacrifices such as working two or three jobs and having to miss out on school events with her kids or time with her friends and family. By purchasing an affordable home through Iowa Heartland, she is able to provide a stable home for her children. “Once I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa I realized I have to build another stepping stone for my children as my mother did for me and my sister.” She is doing just that. Her daughter has already started talking about picking the colors to paint her bedroom walls and having her friends over! Tiera shared that, during this pandemic, she has come to realize that all individuals are connected and our community is in this together.

When asked what it means to her to have women in the Cedar Valley coming together to help build her home she said “It is the biggest, greatest thing ever. Women are the backbone to everything and I feel so empowered to be a woman. It feels so great that women are coming together to help me and my family!”