Finding comfortable, affordable housing has not been easy for Tatiana. She works as a cashier and as security in order to rent out a small place with her daughters that, due to rental restrictions, doesn't even feel like theirs. Being able to buy a home has always been just a fantasy.

That all changed when she found out about the Habitat Homebuyer Program. Applying has now opened so many new doors for her and her daughters. Simple things, such as inviting family and friends over for supper, or decorating the girls' rooms, are now going to be a possibility.

“The kids are very excited about having a bigger house so that they can do things like paint their rooms or put stickers up on their walls. Little things like that matter,” Tatiana explained.

Tatiana knows that owning a home that is big enough for them to live comfortably is going to allow them to lead better lives and create positive memories. She looks forward to having family game nights and watching movies with her daughters in their new home.

As she goes through the program, she says that she has begun to build strong relationships with the staff, volunteers, other families in the program, and even future neighbors.

“Through this experience I have learned that anything is possible. Working with Habitat has been nothing but a blessing for me and my family. Never doubt yourself on what you can accomplish in life.”