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From our homes to yours,
Happy Thanks + Giving season

We have so many reasons to be grateful this season –
and you are one of them!

Your support of Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity is amazing!

Last year, we served 95 families through homeownership, critical home repair, and financial counseling — and this year we plan to serve 103 families. In the last 33 years, we’ve helped nearly 650 local and global families thrive. And we’re just getting started… because families and children deserve the hope that stable housing and resilient neighborhoods provide. In the next 10 years, our goal is to serve over 150 families annually – putting Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity in the top 10 of all Habitat organizations in the country.

Today, we know more families and children than ever are suffering in the four counties we serve without equitable access to decent, affordable housing. The sobering reality in Black Hawk County alone is that 15% of all people and 30% of families with single female heads of households are living in poverty. As a result, nearly 15,000 local households can’t afford decent housing. Our waiting list for homeownership is nearly 700 families and growing!

We passionately pursue our work. We set huge goals and push ourselves to keep learning and growing. But we can’t do any of this without people like you. You give us hope and the financial help we need to fund the nearly $8 million it will take this year to keep doing more for local families, children, and neighborhoods.

To those of you who’ve been our partner for many years, we thank you and ask you to give again. To those of you who have yet to join us in our local mission, we pray you will say yes to hope and give today.

Ali Parrish

Executive Director
Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity

Patricia’s Story

Patricia is a mother, entrepreneur, and a soon-to-be homeowner.

In February of 2022, Patricia started her partnership with Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity and House of Hope to fulfill her longtime dream of being a homeowner through the Framing Hope program. When she came to us, Patricia already had a car, career and childcare — barriers most future homeowners must overcome before construction can begin.

After completing the Financial Mentoring Scholarship and Wellness Scholarship Programs, Patricia paid off her debts, repaired her vehicle, and started saving for her future.

Patricia’s House of Hope case manager said, “she is highly motivated to make a successful life for her and her son,” which is evident in her dedication to completing her 300 sweat equity hours. She will receive the keys to her new home this fall!

How does Patricia feel about becoming a new homeowner?
”I can’ believe it. I just can’t believe it.”

Katie’s Hope

Twelve years ago, Homeowner Katie Muller received the keys to her new home. At that time, her son Noah was 6 years old and had lived at 5 different addresses.

After learning, statistically speaking, her son would be more likely to attend college if she owned a home rather than rented, she made that her motivator to settle into a home for her and her kids.

Fast forward to today: Noah  graduated high school and will  attend the University of Iowa this fall. He plans to major in Journalism and Sports Studies. The neighborhood Katie and her kids moved into afforded Noah the opportunity to grow up with a great group of friends and have an amazing school experience. Being able to play sports all through school shaped Noah into the man he is today. “He's just grown into a really good person, and I wanted to let Habitat know how much I appreciate their help!”


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